Privacy Policy

General collection of data

MCM Garage Ltd will collect and store data relevant to carrying out our normal business. This will be both personal data and vehicle specific data. This data will enable us to fulfil all aspects of work as requested by our customers. Your personal details will be held securely and used to contact you before and during any work carried out by us. We will also contact you after work is complete to follow up and check that you are satisfied with the work we undertake. We will also contact after a service or MOT to advise you of any renewal dates. Once these reminders are complete we will not contact you further unless part warranty issues are advised to us by our suppliers. We will not use your personal data for marketing.

The information we will collect and store will be Name, Landline phone number, Mobile number, Address, Email address, Date Of Birth, Driving Licence Details. We also record our incoming and outgoing phone calls. At no point are financial details stored. If paying an invoice over the phone the phone recording system will be temporarily disabled and this will be notified to you at the time.

If at any time you need to check the data we hold or if you want data removed please contact company director Matthew Dando on


Courtesy car personal information

As part of our legal obligations, we collect your personal details for your use of our courtesy vehicles. The information we collect are Name, Address, Date of Birth, Driving licence number, expiry date (in photocopied licence form). These details will be held securely. In the event of a penalty notice issued to MCM Garage Ltd, a request from the police or our insurance company, these details will be passed on where required. If the need arises for these details to be passed on we will contact you to advise that this will be taking place.

During your use of our courtesy vehicles, a dashcam (where fitted) will be recording the road ahead while the ignition is switched on. Sound is not recorded. This is for the purpose of recording any dangerous driving or road collisions thus protecting property of MCM Garage Ltd. This recording will only be viewed if we have reason to believe an issue has occurred. The dash cam records on a loop and will delete any recordings when the memory card becomes full.

If at any time you wish to obtain a copy of any recordings or if you have any questions regarding any recordings during your vehicle usage, please contact Matthew Dando on