Carry out an MOT check on any car for free

The free MOT check website at is ideal for not only seeing your MOT renewal date but also gives you a historical background to any car you maybe considering purchasing. This free service provides you with unlimited checks on cars making it easy and simple to see the car's history. All you need to start the process is the car's reg number and make of the car, then the site does the rest.

Hi tech Mot test centre

How to carry out the MOT check:

  • Visit in your browser
  • Click the 'START NOW' button
  • Enter the car's registration number (e.g. AA00 0AA) and make (e.g. VOLKSWAGEN). Then click 'Search'.
  • You're then presented with plenty of MOT information in a comprehensive table, with the most recent MOT data first
  • To find your latest MOT renewal date, scroll down until you see the first instance of an 'Expiry date' row beneath the heading 'MOT history of this vehicle'.

Explanation of MOT details

The information provided includes dates of previous MOT tests, mileage at each test date, whether it passed the MOT or not and of course your car's MOT number. However, results are limited to MOT tests from 2005 onwards for MOT tests carried out only in England, Scotland or Wales. For each test result you will see the following table rows:

  • Test date: [Day, Month & Year]
  • Expiry date: [Day, Month & Year]
  • Test Result: [Pass or Fail]
  • Odometer reading: [number of miles]
  • MOT test number: [12 digit number]
  • Reason(s) for failure: [only visible if the car fails a test]
  • Advisory notice item(s): [Notes on issues which need considering but haven't caused an MOT fail]

Where there were MOT failures, the website even displays the 'Reason(s) for failure' and the 'Advisory notice item(s)' so you know what happened. If you're buying a car from another party, this can sometimes highlight major defects that the current car owner has neglected to mention. You can then be more informed and ask further questions about the failure.

The MOT check website is invaluable for car buyers and very helpful for those just wanting to check their next MOT date. We think this website is very helpful for our MOT customers and encourage you to try it if you're looking for complete MOT information. It's also helpful if you've lost your MOT certificate somewhere.

Get an MOT renewal date reminder for free

At MCMOT once you've visited us for your first MOT test we will inform you automatically when your next MOT is due the following year. You'll receive a text message from us giving you a month's notice before the MOT expiry date. It's just one of the helpful ways we make things easier for our customer's busy lives. Get in touch with us today on 01761 415 501 to book your MOT test.

Hi tech Mot test centre are now providing a free MOT reminder service via email just by registering your vehicle and email address with them.